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Changing The Experience Of 
Alzheimer's Disease 
In A Positive Way GENTLECARE(R): Changing The Experience Of Alzheimer's Disease In A Positive Way is a 376 page book which explains and supports GENTLECARE, a unique, specially designed system of care for people with dementing illness such as Alzheimer's Disease, their families, and their professional caregivers.

The GENTLECARE System, on which the book is based, has been extensively tested in hundreds of facilities and Adult Family Homes in the United States, Canada and Italy. A reader friendly text, this book is filled with theory, case stories, photographs and strategies that work. Users of the Book and the GENTLECARE System report:

  •  Improvement in client function, in activities of daily living, social skills and communication,
  •  Reduction of catastrophic behaviour, reduced injury to staff and others,
  •  Increased family involvement and satisfaction;
  •  Reduced cost of care;

For more information on the GENTLECARE System, please visit the GENTLECARE Modules which will explain how the System is laid out.

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