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GENTLECARE(R): A prosthetic system of dementia care designed 
to change the experience of dementing illness for the afflicted person, 
the family and professional care providers.

 The epidemic of dementing illness is exploding within communities throughout the world. As the new millennium approaches it is predicted that 1 in 3 families will experience the devastation of Alzheimer's disease alone. From 4 million identified persons in the United States with Alzheimer's Disease, this number is expected to rise to 14 million by the year 2020, unless a cure or prevention is found. More than 7 out of 10 people with Alzheimer's Disease live at home, cared for by family members.

 Thus the challenge of providing appropriate services to persons experiencing progressive dementing illness such as Alzheimer's disease preoccupies health planners, policy makers, care providers and family members alike. As the knowledge of care requirements improves, it is becoming clear that current health systems and policies, models of care, and the mixing of client disease categories, not only compromise the quality of life for all concerned, but more importantly are sources of iatrogenic illness. This results in accelerated loss of function, excessive dependency and higher costs. Current practices distance family caregivers from the person with dementia, and cause untold anguish and frustration. Health care providers report increased personal stress, physical injury and job dissatisfaction. Cognitively alert clients who live in communal arrangements with dementing persons, are devastated and frightened by the experience.

 The GENTLECARE(R) PROSTHETIC LIFE CARE SYSTEM is a new paradigm of care that suggests an alternate system of care that maximizes client function for longer periods, compensates for the dysfunction caused by the disease, and protects the health of family and professional care providers.

 The GENTLECARE(R) system of dementia care is prosthetic in nature. It seeks to arrange an environmental fit between the person with dementing illness and the physical space, the programs, and the significant people with whom the person must interact. The GENTLECARE system accommodates and supports existing levels of function and development, rather than challenging the person with dementia to adapt and perform in ways no longer possible.

 GENTLECARE(R) is designed in modules of learning for easy access by health care organizations. The system includes:

  • A correlation between disease pathology and client behaviour
  • Environmental design concepts
  • A system of programming that helps locate the client's appropriate zone of activity
  • Daily living care planning and implementation
  • Numerous innovative, creative strategies
  • Nutritional assessment and strategies that create powerful treatment opportunities
  • Stress identification, prevention and reduction that eliminates catastrophic incidents
  • Functional assessment that provides individualized care plans
  • Evaluation .
  • A unique system of therapeutic partnership with families, communities and volunteers

Organizations that use the GENTLECARE system report:

  • Increased client function
  • Reduced catastrophic incidents
  • Decreased staff and family stress
  • Reduced use of psychotropic medications
  • Cost containment
  • Increased community commitment and involvement

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